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Yours to Define. Ours to Create.

Where Belonging Begins

HEIMAT is a private community that’s combining the transformational benefits of physical exercise with the relaxation of a much-needed spa day, the flavors of fine dining, and the connectedness of being in the company of other inspiring individuals. A carefully considered experience like no other, HEIMAT offers a truly unique lifestyle that is changing contemporary living, all in one place.

HEIMAT | Los Angeles Fitness Club

The One Place to Simply Be

Like you, we’ve been searching for a place where all of life’s touchpoints seamlessly come together. An environment curated for well-being and cultivated to inspire in the modern world; a space that ignites all the senses by elevating every detail.

Rooftop Pool at HEIMAT Rooftop Pool at HEIMAT


A harmonious and reimagined way to work out and live well, a concept fitness club brings a new luxury perspective to fitness with offerings that are tailored to uplift your body and soul. Every aspect, offering, and amenity of HEIMAT has this seamless thread of elevated fitness woven through it.