Coming to Los Angeles early 2022

The World`s first Concept Fitness Club

Rooted in fitness, HEIMAT is a private community that is more than a gym, spa, or club — it’s a natural setting where members can reimagine what it means to live well.
The German word used to describe that familiar feeling of where your heart feels at home. From the sensation of your toes in warm sand to the relaxing sound of silence of your favorite hiking trail. A place, a smell or some detail in everyday life, it’s a concept with no singular meaning. Heimat is a universal feeling for all.


HEIMAT welcomes those seeking an invigorating fitness experience for any level and lifestyle. Rewriting the rules like no other before, the highly detailed club rejects convention with its immersive world of purpose-built studios, professional training areas, and many more exceptional amenities all under one roof. The fitness lifestyle has been redefined.


Whether it’s a post-workout massage or a much-needed spa day, let the rigors of life fade away with signature services designed to relax and rejuvenate, both inside and out. Get the full treatment you deserve with IV drip therapies, hydrafacials, nail care, or simply unwind in the sauna and relaxation room.


Suit or sweatpants, you are always welcome to discover fine cuisine and even better company at Mother Tongue. Designed in collaboration with our culinary co-conspirator and award-winning chef Michael Mina, we created a menu that is a mash up of heritage classic dishes with today’s wellness trends and nutritional best practices. Nourish your body and curiosity with a harmonic experience that focuses on the diversity of combing the deeply rich flavors and textures of soul food with the modern touch and customer-centric interpretation of fine dining.


Head to the rooftop and indulge in stunning views and a vibrant community. Take a dip in the pool, grab a drink, and relax in a private cabana or find a cozy nook to get in a state of flow so you can finish that proposal. Afterwards, experience events; live music, panels, and programs featuring artists, tastemakers, and cultural connoisseurs.
YOURS TO DEFINE. Ours to create.
Coming to Los Angeles EARLY 2022
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